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Born (January 5, 1981) and raised in Niagara Falls, Canada, Joel Zimmerman (aka "deadmau5") has become one of the most sought-after artists on the electronic music scene in recent times. He is known for his highly entertaining live gigs, often performing wearing a large cartoon mouse head. He first started his career as co-producer of the Niagara Falls radio show “The Party Revolution” (101.1 The Planet). After gaining exposure to all the many facets of electronic music, Joel then moved on to collaborate with many other artists and record labels around the world.

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Top Tracks:

  1. Some Chords
  2. Strobe - Radio Edit
  3. Ghosts 'N' Stuff - Feat. Rob Swire
  4. Ghosts 'n' Stuff
  5. The Veldt - Radio Edit
  6. I Remember
  7. Strobe
  8. Raise Your Weapon
  9. Some Chords - Dillon Francis Remix
  10. Sofi Needs A Ladder

Top Albums:

  1. For Lack of a Better Name
  2. 4x4=12
  3. Strobe
  4. > album title goes here <
  5. while(1<2)
  6. The Veldt
  7. Random Album Title
  8. Ghosts 'n' Stuff
  9. Raise Your Weapon (Remixes)
  10. Get Scraped